Hiking Sierra Nevadas – snow from the jungle

Hiking Sierra Nevadas in the snow from the jungle And Valledupar what to do? In the north of Colombia lays Valledupar known as the Capital of Music Vallenato. In this blog, we write about what there is to do and where to go hiking in the beautiful surroundings of Valledupar. Where is Valledupar? It is … Continue Reading

Palomino, Colombia playas and hipster beach village

Palomino, Colombia playas and hipster beach village.  In the north of the Colombian Caribbean Coast, there is a beautiful village called Palomino. It has a hipster vibe and a laid backflow and an excellent stop when your traveling on the northern coast of Colombia.            It is a popular destination among backpackers, … Continue Reading

The lost city – Cuidad Perdido – Teyuna

The Lost City – Cuidad Perdido in Teyuna To discover the mysteries of the Mother Mountain Range, also know as ” Cuidad Perdido ” –  The Lost City  – and even as Teyuna, you have to penetrate one of the highest massif littorals in the world. There you will find the charm of a millennium … Continue Reading

How is travelling in the Cartagena region

How is travelling in the Cartagena region. Coming back to Cartagena my fourth time I stayed this time in the Hampton by Hilton Hotel in the Boca Grande region. It is close to the beach, and it is an excellent area to stay in. The hotel has excellent facilities and a rooftop swimming pool, which … Continue Reading

Travelblog for architecture Cartagena

Travelblog for architecture Cartagena My returning visit back to Cartagena in the begin of the march was this time focused on the historical city of Cartagena, and to go more specific into writing a travel blog for architecture.  While the other travel blog went more about how is travelling the Sucre region of Colombia, this … Continue Reading

Flamingo beach aruba

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Flamingo beach Aruba. There can you find the flamingo’s in Aruba Renaissance Island or Flamingo beach Aruba is a private island that can be reached by boat from the Renaissance hotel. Depending on the hight of the water the boot leaves the harbor or directly underneath the Renaissance hotel. Then … Continue Reading

Hiking Aruba National Park

Hiking Aruba National Park and the Rooi Tambu trail In national park Arikok there are many hiking trails to follow. One nice hiking trail is Rooi Tambu. You can visit the National park Arikok by car and then from there take the hiking trail. Rooi Tambu is a beautiful hiking trail through a dry riverbed … Continue Reading

How is traveling trough the Sucre region in Colombia?

How is traveling trough the Sucre region in Colombia? Travel the Sucre region Colombia My trip started leaving Aruba and flying to Bogota with Avianca airlines. In Bogota, I stepped over heading for Cartagena de Indias. At Rafael Núñez international airport I received information about the tourism board what is always handy to read into. … Continue Reading

Glassmaking in Mallorca

Glassmaking in Mallorca The art of glassmaking in Mallorca The art of glass-blowing, the incredible expertise, and skill in working it is one of the most precious values of Mallorca centuries-old artistic tradition. Driven by the passion with has an old and noble ancestry and so many traditional factors of art. In the midst of … Continue Reading

How is wreck diving in Aruba?

How is wreck diving in Aruba? In Aruba, you can dive on different wrecks in one dive. Aruba has a 33 km² long beach shore and belongs to the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea. Here is the opportunity to swim true one of the airplanes wrecks as well. One of them is called … Continue Reading