Arishi beach Aruba

One of the nicest beaches in the north of Aruba is called Arashi Beach. It’s a beautiful white sandy beach and has good facilities, such as a bar and the possibility to rent lounge chairs and beach umbrellas for a reasonable price compared to other beaches. The area is close to the area called Malmok. This beach is also really nice and worth to visit and is a nice family beach.

Arashi Beach is one of the locals favorite beach in the area. With abundant marine life and a calm sea, it is a perfect place to snorkel in Aruba en there is also the possibility to rent underwater scooters at Seabob. 

Along the road lays the California lighthouse and at Arashi there is a nice bar, beach huts and a good parking lot. The beach offers good facilities, such as showers, rental of lounge chairs and sometimes live music at the bar. 

The parking is easy and free, one of the nice things of Aruba is you can walk nearly around the island, because there are no private beaches and this helps to make Aruba a Happy Island. You jump in the car, fix the food & drinks at the supermarket and go searching for a nice spot at the beach. And we will advice you the nice spots to go.

where are the beautifull beaches in Aruba ?

Beautiful beaches on Aruba

Has a beach that goes from the north down to the south and it is possible to walk the whole beach and sit & lounge and drink & eat along the way at one of the excellent hotels. In the evening when the sun goes down many people go running or walking along the road of Malmok, it’s lovely.

Baby beach is also a nice beach to go to on the other side of the island.

Arashi is a location to relax on the beach and to watch Aruba’s spectacular evening sunset. Swimmers and bodyboarders can easily enter the water in and free surf, but also beginning bodyboarders have the time of their lives here. On the left side is a beautiful snorkel area with a rich underwater life and if you look good sometimes turtles can be seen taking a breath in the sea.

Arashi and Malmok is one of my favorite beaches to visit.


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