Best things to do in Minca

Minca best things to do in Minca

Minca is a lovely green village in the moisture and on the height of 600 meters and 1500 meter she has a perfect climate and peaceful atmosphere and is just a half-hour away from Santa Marta. The villages are tropical, but because of their altitude, the rivers, and the Forrest, it cools down at night. […]

Makelaar offertes Goes – Real estate broker prices compared

Real estate broker prices compared

Do you want to sell your house, or are you looking for another home, holiday home, or rental home? In that case, it is advisable to call in an expert who can provide you with optimal guidance when buying, selling, or renting a new home. By comparing brokers, it is possible to find the best […]

Where is the best place to find seals in Cornwall?

Where is the best place to find seals in Cornwall?

It was a beautiful surprise to find and discover a colony of joyful Grey seals playfully on the beach and in the water.  Yesterday I went running along the coast of Gwithian and heading for the Godrevy lighthouse to make some Fotos of the sunset. In my Bergen, I had my Nikkon camera with an […]

Best diving school in Santa Marta

Best diving in Santa Marta fendaux

Diving in Santa Marta is one of the top locations for diving in the Colombian Caribbean. The second day that we were in Santa Marta, we went scuba diving with Santa Martha Dive and adventure with my friend from the Netherlands. We left in the morning from the hotel and when to the Padi Divecenter […]

How dangerous is 5G to health?

How dangerous is 5G for health?

At the beginning of this month, there were more and more messages about the 5G network and the harmful consequences. Since then, there were several incidents in the media about the burning of mobile telephone towers, so I started to study into the matter of 5G and asked my self how dangerous it is 5G […]

Why are dead birds falling from the sky?

Why are dead birds falling from the sky?

Today I saw news messages coming by on Facebook about Macedonia and that there where birds were falling dead out of the sky. It took my attention because a few weeks before, I saw the same article about birds landing out of the air in Wales, and an article about the same subject in Germany.  […]

The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus and the ongoing situation

origins of 2019nCov corona virus

Usually, I like to write a blog about traveling and architecture across the world. But I could not leave the subject go about the Coronavirus, because of the effects and the importance of the world. Why would you read this article ? It has interesting articles collected in chronology from different open sources for a […]

Que hacer en Valledupar?

La Mina Cesar

Que hacer en Valledupar? En el norte de Colombia se encuentra Valledupar conocida como la Capital de la Música Vallenata. En este blog, escribimos sobre lo que hay que hacer y dónde ir en los hermosos alrededores de Valledupar. Dónde está Valledupar? Es una ciudad y municipio en el noreste de Colombia. Valledupar es el […]

Hiking Sierra Nevadas – Snow from the jungle

La Mina Cesar best foto

In the north of Colombia lays Valledupar known as the Capital of Music Vallenato. In this blog, I write about what there is to do in the region and where to go hiking in the beautiful surroundings of Valledupar. Where is Valledupar? It is a city and municipality in the northeastern of Colombia. Valledupar is the […]

Como llegar a Palomino?

Hotel Makao Palomino

Como llegar a Palomino? El pueblo de playa hipster colombiano En el norte de la costa caribe colombiana, hay un hermoso pueblo llamado Palomino. Tiene un ambiente inconformista,  un flujo de retorno relajado y una excelente parada cuando viajas por la costa norte de Colombia. Es un destino popular entre mochileros, turistas y viajeros. El […]