Baby beach Aruba

Baby beach Aruba

Best place for children to swim in Aruba 

This is where the children nearly always learn to swim for the first time because this is a calm lagoon and is ideal for families with small children. Enjoy the amazing sea view and crystal clear water in this beautiful paradise in the Dutch Caribbean.

Because of the shallow water, this is a fine beach destination for swimmers who like to go into the sea without losing touch with the bottom. At Baby Beach, you can also snorkel perfectly in a special area, where the bay opens into the ocean after passing the rock formations. Please be aware to stay within the marked snorkel area. If you go too far out after the rocky area, the open sea will start there with currents. And a current has no compassion, the waves can surprise you with their force and hit you on the rocks or take you out into the sea. Stay in front of the rocks ín the lagoon, there is enough fish to see while snorkeling in a safe way.

When you go snorkeling, use sun cream and wear a t-shirt, because the sun burns the skin fast while your looking fascinated at Nemo & Dory

Baby Beach has a restaurant where you can order food and drinks and have a talk with the local population. Tip, next to the restaurant there is a truck where they also sell drinks for more a local price.

Baby beach Aruba
Baby Beach Aruba

JADS Dive Center Aruba

You can rent beach beds and snorkel equipment. There are free huts available throughout the beach that protect you from the sun. Nearby is the local JADS Dive Center Aruba a PADI dive center that rents snorkel and diving equipment also. It a nice diving shop, good service and they are happy to let you see the beautiful things of diving in a safe and professional way.

Baby Beach Aruba
Baby Beach Aruba

From the baby beach, you can drive along further the north coastline on a coastal route. But when your renting a car and your interested to take the north coastal adventure route, double-check if it is allowed with the rental company and check the spare tire and equipment. 

Baby beach Aruba Area
Baby Beach Aruba Area

To go to Baby Beach is about a 45-minute drive from the hotel area and 30 minutes from Oranjestad, but it is really worth to visit. Leave early in the morning and stop in the evening when going back at Zeerovers for a nice piece of local fish. When you are driving to Baby beach you will be passing by the city called San Nicolas in the city there are Rum shops, a Burger King and gasoline stations to top up the car. There are also nice beaches near the hotel area.

Baby beach is an ideal beach for small children to play in the lagoon and enjoy a white calm sandy beach. If you like Hiking in Aruba then you can read my blog about Arikok National Park and if you want to visit the Lighthouse or the Hooiberg mountain it is nice to read these articles.

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Baby Beach Aruba
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