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Barcelona city trip

My city trip to Barcelona was great. So great that I went back within months to see Barcelona again. On arrival at the airport, I took a taxi to Hotel Catalonia Atenas on the Avida Meridiana. Nice, clean, and good hotel with a spa, gym, and indoor and rooftop swimming pool. In the morning you can go to the gym and even start the day with a swim. The rooftop swimming pool gives a great view over Barcelona and is relaxed and really nice situated with view on the Sagrada Familia.

Where is a nice Catalonian restaurant?

I asked the local taxi driver where can I eat typical Catalonian food in a good restaurant. He brought me to the restaurant Boca Grande, and I can say it was delicious food, it is a restaurant where I will ánd went back too. Nice to know that sometimes they have a toilet disco, it sounds crazy, but it was a nice evening to visit in a nice atmosphere and setting. 

The museums in Barcelona are great, I loved the Museum de Cultures del Món de Barcelona and off course Museum Picasso. It is fascinating how different cultures around the world lived together. The art of Picasso gives inspiration and let you see things from an other perspective.

where is a catalonian restaurant ?
Fendaux Barcelona Boca grande restaurant

Shaz Guestlist Barcelona

Sometimes you’re having doubts where to go party, it simple, ask Shaz! They have a list of the best clubs in Barcelona, and what I liked is that via Shaz, you can put your self on the guestlist via email of Facebook, and this is easy going into the club. You will receive a confirmation email, and at the entrance of the club, you will say: “I’m on Shaz list,” and your name is checked, and you can walk straight in and skip the waiting. This is not nice to know, but I need to see if you like to go out to a good club in Barcelona and have the guarantee of a smooth start.

Where is a beautiful beach in the Barcelona Area?

A beautiful beach to visit is a half-hour drive with the car to the place called Sitges. It has a beautiful sandy beach, secure parking ( straight close to the beach under a ground car park ), good restaurants at the beach, and a beautiful boulevard to eat & chill.

Barcelona is beautiful for sightseeing, and there are so many things to do, that it is wise to do a little planning before you go, or not, and just go with the flow, it always ends well.

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