where is the california lighthouse in Aruba ?

California Lighthouse Aruba

The California lighthouse is on the northwest coastline of Aruba and it has a beautiful view over the island and is one of the most iconic landmarks. The lighthouse and peak are named after the wreck of the wooden cargo vessel the SS California wich shipwrecked in rough seas off the northwest point of Aruba in 1892.

The first lighthouse was located in Fort Zoutman in the tower of Willem III and was operational in 1868. The second lighthouse was at the far east end of the Aruba at Seroe Colorado since 1879.

The son of Aruba’s last lighthouse keeper has published a complete history of the structure, in Papiamento, titled Historia di Faro na Westpunt ( History of the Westpoint Lighthouse ), which can be purchased at the UNOCA offices on Stadionweg in Oranjestad.

where is the california lighthouse in Aruba ?
California Lighthouse Aruba

The area has a panoramic scenery which is perfect for photography and you can see the coastline and beaches from a far distance.

You can visit the lighthouse during the day and buy a ticket to go into the lighthouse 

The area is really nice for running and hiking, if you want to make a nice run from the high rise area, my advice would be to do this early in the morning of later in the evening. You can also go mountain biking in the area and if you go off-road with your rental car, be aware if this is allowed. Because of the volcanic stones, your tires and Nike Air Max can go flat because of the sharp stones in the area.

For more information about the lighthouse and other monuments on the island visite the website from the monument fonds Aruba

Restaurant Faro Blanco

During the night it’s also nice to visit the lighthouse and you can view the High rise area or see the lovely sunset across Malmok and Arashi beach.

There is also a charming restaurant  Faro Blanco located in the area and it is easy to parc the car there.

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close view Malmok beach
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