Curacao Sea Aquarium Fendaux

Curacao Sea Aquarium

This weekend I was interested to see the dolphins and marine life in the Curacao Sea Aquarium, so I took a weekend trip from Aruba to Curacao.

On Saturday, I went to the aquarium, and it was nice to see the different marine life there. They have lemon sharks and nurse sharks, and it is nice to see the dolphins and the different fish and marine life.

While I was a diving instructor I saw two times dolphins in the open sea, once in Curacao and once in Aruba and it was one of the most beautiful experiences in open sea. The sound in the water that they make and then they come by in a group and have a look, it is out of the ordinary.

where is Curacao Sea Aquarium Fendaux

The aquarium is beautiful to visit, and it is good advice to go as early as possible in the morning because then the cruise ships with group visits are not started yet. In the tourist magazine Nights Curacao, you can find vouchers with a 10% reduction when you come in at the sea aquarium.

Restaurant Limoncello 

It is nice to visit and close next to the sea aquarium is an excellent restaurant called Limoncello with good Italian food.

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