There can you find the flamingo’s in Aruba

Renaissance Island or named Flamingo Beach Aruba is a private island that can be reached by boat from the Renaissance hotel. Depending on the hight of the water, the boot leaves the harbor or directly underneath the Renaissance hotel. Then with the boot, it is a beautiful ride of 8 minutes to the island.

Flamingo Beach Aruba 

How to get to Flamingo beach Aruba?

There are two options to visit the island, and that is to book a hotel room in the hotel. Then it is included ór to buy a loose ticket for 99 $; In this case, it can be possible that the next morning only 20 people are allowed externally from other hotels or local people to enter the island and remember: full is full. The exclusive nature of this private island means that the number of visitors is limited. You have to be there early before 7 am and wait in line.

So, if your time is short on Aruba and you like to be sure to visit the island what I did is book a hotel room for the next evening at the Renaissance hotel, because then the island visit is included in the stay and you are sure to visit the island the next morning, cause guests of the hotel get the priority to visit. And in the evening you can have a lovely night in the hotel and a good breakfast in the morning, a nice lunch during the day and chill at the swimming pool of the Renaissance hotel.

When coming on the island, the best moment to take photos is early in the morning with the first boot when everything is pristine calm, the sun is on the right angle, and there are not many other people. At the end of the day, when the sun goes down, it is also a beautiful moment for photography.

Flamingo Beach Aruba has an exotic atmosphere and being on the island for many years; it feels that you are visiting another part of the island. It is truly an unusual and fascinating experience to visit the island and walk to the mangroves and the shallow waters. The colors of the sea are amazing Azul, and the pink of the flamingoes makes the perfect tropical foto shoot. Standing on one leg or walking in a group, these moments are sweet to adore.

What to do on Renaissance island?

The island is divided into two parts as an adult section and a family section. The adult section is where the flamingoes are, and children can visit the flamingo’s only in the morning between 9 am, and 10 am, this is done to give the birds there rest. On the adult section of the island, you can drink cocktails and relax in the chairs or hammocks.

flamingo beach Aruba

There are also private bungalows to rent. And for the prices, it is best to take contact upfront with the renaissance hotel. On the island, there is a Spa, a tennis court, and you can ask for different water-sports. There is also a nice bar and restaurant on the island.


Private Islands Dining Aruba

Shoes or no shoes, you will receive perfect service to match the peaceful shores of this private island. Accompany them aboard the water taxi, as you will sweep away tot lighten patches leading tot tables overlooking the sea. And while the live music, floats softly throughout the trees and the first plates of the 4-course dinner experience arrive by your side, you can post yet another foto for friends back home.

Rendezvous at former Carpe diem for a welcome cocktail, before you depart for at Iguana beach.

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Flamingo beach Aruba
Flamingo Beach Aruba
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