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Gin Festival – Amsterdam

The fourth edition of the Gin Festival was in Amsterdam at a new location: Beurs van Berlage. In Utrecht, the third edition of the Gin Festival will take place in the old prison on Wolvenplein during the Pinkster weekend. The Gin Festival in Rotterdam is back on Saturday 22 June in the Cruise Terminal.

The third Amsterdam Gin Festival was held at the Undercurrent on the NDSM area, and I was there to experience this tasty event.

Gin festival

More than 50 different brands will be presented in mixed stands. And a lot of gins and tonic, but also vodka, vermouth, tequila, and mezcal can be tasted here. Gin is indispensable from the Netherlands. There are seminars, masterclasses, and tastings, and there is a lot of excellent food to feel and to eat.

There are more and more new brands on the market that are nice to taste at home or a party. The Gin Festival is the perfect place to get acquainted with old and new gins in a beautiful setting. You meet the makers, hear their stories, and taste the tastiest combinations.

Gin Festival – Amsterdam 2019

Gin Festival - Amsterdam 2019
Gin Festival – Amsterdam 2019

Gin Xoriguer

My first tasty experience was that of Gin Xoriguer with the combination of crushed ice. The origin of the gin goes back 300 years to the port of Mahón in 1750, it originated on the island Menorca by British and Dutch sailors who visited the island, and of course, loved gin. What surprised me was the combination with crushed ice from the machine with the gin, a deliciously refreshing taste of citrus and gin, and the melting of the crushed ice with the developing taste in the mouth. When the ice melts away, you just want another sip.  I certainly see possibilities for this combination to expand to other warm countries.

Hermit gin

Yes, a great surprise of taste and off course, it was this hermitgin with the combination of Zeeuwse Oysters what gives the extra delight. Suprising citrus and saline notes what gives the taste of the fresh sea and a bouquet of citrus.

Gin festival - Amsterdam 2019
Gin festival – Amsterdam 2019

More can be found about the gins on the website of the Gin Festival or better; visit the festival.


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