Hiking Aruba National Park

In the national park Arikok, there are many hiking trails to follow. One beautiful hiking trail is Rooi Tambu. You can visit the National park Arikok by car and then from there, take the hiking trail.

Rooi Tambu is a beautiful hiking trail through a dry riverbed.

Hiking Aruba national Park

This dry riverbed named after the sound of the tabu, a musical instrument used by inhabitants from African descent who were brought to Aruba to work as slaves. They used to hide in this dry riverbed to perform their dance rituals and play music, as this practice was forbidden by the Spanish Catholic colonists who occupied Aruba from 1499-1636

Aruba native trees including the unique Fofoti tree ( shaped by strong trade winds and always pointing in the same northwest direction ), Mangel tree  ( mangroves ) Manzania tree ( Manzanilla; Spanish for ‘little apple” literally ) are located. The small apples and leaves of the Manzania tree are toxic.

The hiking trail through Rooi Tambu is designed for visitors in great shape and looking for a more adventurous experience. This approximately 3,5-hour hike is more of a workout yet very rewarding the same time. Expect gorgeous landscapes with sections and a variety of colors and vegetation leading up to Aruba’s coastline. Much freshwater fish and shrimp can be found in the rainy season ( October – January ) when rainwater fills this dry riverbed.

Arikok National Park proudly conserves and protects Aruba’s pristine nature, and it is important to respect all plants and animals in this area and keep the area clean.

It is good to go prepared on the hiking trail, at the office of National Park you can get a map of the area, and if you go on taking the hiking trail, it is best early in the morning because then the sun is not so fierce. Take enough water and something to eat with you. The trail will end at sea, and the area exists of volcanic stone.

Hiking Aruba National park and mountain biking Arikok

They are two possibilities to enter this route from the coastline and entering the Arikok national park. It is also really nice to mountain bike this trail, and the route also had some places a stone path. But remember it is always good to take tire repair set with you, volcanic stones, and the pica’s of the cactus can be challenging.

There are many different hiking trails in National Park. The highest mountain is in the National park and called Jamanota and it and it is 189 meters high is also a nice hiking trail and can not be reached anymore by car.

On top of the mountain, there is an antenna station, and the view is beautiful.

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Hiking Aruba National Park 


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