Hooiberg Aruba

Hooiberg Aruba

De Hooiberg is a volcanic stone formation of 165 meters high on the island of Aruba.

The mountain looks like a haystack and derives its name from it. It is a fun and sporting undertaking to climb the 562 concrete steps leading to the top. When there is clear weather  Venezuela can be seen and the view is enjoying. You often encounter sportspeople who use the mountain as a training.

hooiberg aruba fendaux
Haystack mountain Aruba

It is the second-highest mountain, the highest mountain in Aruba is called Jamanota and is located in the Arikok national park at 189 meters above sea level.

The green granite rock on this mountain only occurs in Aruba (194 km²) with this chemical composition and it has a beautiful green color.

The mountain is covered with cacti, divi-divi trees and some Kibrahacha trees that bloom with beautiful yellow flowers when there is a lot of rainfall.

Hooiberg Aruba

Hooiberg Aruba area view

Often you encounter sportspeople who use the mountain as running training in the morning or in the evening, because of the heat during the day.

It is certainly fun and worth to visit the mountain.

You can find my video with the view from the Hooiberg on my Youtube canal.

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hooiberg aruba fendaux
Best view of Aruba
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