cóme es Mallorca en el vierno

How is Mallorca in the winter?

Best places to visit in the winter in Mallorca

Visiting Mallorca in the winter is beautiful and lovely. When I landed at the airport of Palma, it was nice experiencing the climate at this time of the year. The whole week I had a clear blue sky, lovely sun, and fresh air. It was for this reason that I left the Netherlands at this time of the year after having three weeks of grey and cold climate. The climate in Mallorca is charming in this period of winter and perfect for hiking and outdoor sports.


paseo de mallorca Fendaux

Mallorca in winter

I went from the airport to my hotel in a taxi. My hotel was at Turismo de Interior Dalt Murada, which is located in the heart of Palma. All the shops and activity is in walking distance from the beautiful hotel. The interior, old paintings, antique furniture, and architecture fits with the surroundings of Palma, and it was a lovely place to stay, so I requested to stay longer. The hotel has a charming patio with lemon trees where breakfast can be enjoyed. If you ever go, ask for room 3, because this is a great room.

Just five minutes’ walk, you can have lunch or breakfast at Cafe Placa at the Placa Santa Eulàlia, and its close by in the 5-minute walking distance. The juice is fresh, and the baguettes with chorizo are my favorite. An excellent restaurant en modern brasserie at the harbor is  Mardenudos.

If you like Brazilian food you can go to Ipanema Rodizio & lounge or Rodeo Grill in the city of Palma.

Forgoing out in the evening, the discotheque Sala Luna Palma at the Plaza Vapor has a friendly atmosphere.

In the area of Palma, it is helpful to go for a long run or rent a bike and go cycling. In the city of Palma, there are many beautiful Art stores such as Mensing Galeri, Galeria Frank Kruger, and Galeria K

Audi A1 S-Line

At Europcar, I rented an Audi A1 S-line for six days for the price of 56 €, first I thought they made a mistake, but the amount was so reduced because of the low season. A week more extension was 26 €, and I could not believe it, so my good compliments for Europcar, the low season starts at the end of September till the end March / April, with a high moment in the carnival season in February.

Where are excellent places to visit in Mallorca in the winter?

Sa Calabra

The drive to the small village of Sa Calabra is beautiful, and the area is magnificent. I made a video of it with you can see on my YouTube channel. Sa Calobra is part of pebble and sand beach with is situated at the end of a gorge named: Torrent de Pareis. It is one of the most famous spots on Majorca and has been an inspiration for artists in the past and present. The way to Sa Calobra is terrific to drive by the car or by bike.

Embassement de Cúber

Embassement de Cúber is an artificial water reservoir located at the valleys of the mountain Puig Major and the Morro de Cúber in Mallorca. The highest point of Mallorca cannot be reached because this is a military radar facility. The surrounding area is beautiful for hiking, cycling, and outdoor, and you can find my video on the link. 

Cala S’Almunia

And another nice place to visit is the Cala S’Almunia. It has a beautiful small beach on the west side of Mallorca. In the beautiful hills, there is a picturesque beach to discover, a hidden place which looks like a natural pool with Azul colored water even in the winter. Cala Almunia is definitely worth seeing and visiting, and you can have a look at this video.

How is Mallorca in the winter?
How is Mallorca in the winter?

On the way back to Palma you can eat at the Sa Farinera restaurant grill

In the beautiful surroundings of a centuries-old traditional flour mill, with mills in perfect condition, you can taste the best-grilled meat from firewood in pioneer grill of Mallorca. It is a place full of taste in memories and atmosphere.

I hope you liked this blog, and if you what to see the pictures of this area, you can find them on Instagram.

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