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How is travelling in the Cartagena region

Coming back to Cartagena my fourth time I stayed this time in the Hampton by Hilton Hotel in the Boca Grande region. It is close to the beach, and it is an excellent area to stay in. The hotel has excellent facilities and a rooftop swimming pool, which is lovely to visit. You can have a nice walk to the city in the evening time along the coastline, and with the taxi back it is not more than 10 minutes.

In this period, I had a two-day visit to Barranquilla, and I stayed in the Hotel Oxford Barranquilla. In the day time, I visited the three churches and the cathedral. Fascinating to visit was the Museum el Caribe. I must say this was one of the most exciting moments of the day to study the different cultures and the rich history of Colombia. Also, the explanation of the Sierra Nevada was intriguing and the explaining of the various indigenous people living in these areas. I planned the coming week to visit Cuidad Perdido, the lost city in the jungle. So every information was welcome to get more known into the history of this beautiful area. The Sierra Nevada has many different natural biotopes, from forest to desert, from the Caribbean Sea to high mountains with snow. Nature, as above and the marine life in the water, is fascinating in the area. The visit to the museum was exciting and motivated me more to go deeper into Colombia and, more specifically, the Siera Nevada area.

Where are the best places to go to Cartagena?

On my return to Cartagena, I went this time to the San Pedro Hotel Spa in Cartagena. And I must say, if you want to stay in a charming hotel in Colonial Style in Cartagena then this one of them. I read an article about this hotel in the Suitcase magazine and put this hotel on my list for a unique moment in an exceptional hotel.

Hotel Spa San Pedro Cartagena Fendaux

This hotel has everything you want, and there is a 24-hour rooftop jacuzzi with a magnificent view of Cartagena. The staff is there when you need them but never intrusive.

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The stay in this hotel was really magic, but to be honest, the old city of Cartagena is all magic, it has so much history, and it is one of my favorite towns to visit.


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It is always good to look around, and I love to stay in different areas and different places because this gives so much energy and insight into the city and people around.

San Pedro Hotel Spa Cartagena Bed Fendaux .jpgSan Pedro Hotel Spa in Cartagena

So this time I choose Hotel Altamar in Cartagena. It is a bit away from the old town and lest touristic for people from abroad because in this hotel there are more people from Colombia staying there. My conclusion was that it is easier to stay in Boca Grande or the historical city.

isla bela boat trip Fendaux

Island trip Isla Bella

The next day on Wednesday, we went with the boot to Isla Bela; it is a private beach on a small island in front of the coast of Cartagena. We went with a fast boot, and it was a lovely trip. The tickets and booking you can do at the location where they leave the harbor.

Cartagena Isla Bela Fendaux

Then on Thursday, we decided to stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cartagena. I booked for three days but saw that Friday on was a high price, but on the Hyatt website, it was far much cheaper. So I booked the Thursday and Saturday on the website and the Friday via the Hyatt website, this room was with ocean view, and I thought it was nice to become a Hyatt member.

Hyatt Cartagena Fendaux

Then while checking into the Hyatt, the reception explained to me that ocean view on Thursday was not possible, but I had a ticket for the Friday with ocean view, so they give me a free upgrade for the first day for this exclusive suite. I must say that the service was excellent, and entering the room was magnificent.

Hyatt Cartagena suite Fendaux

The view, the interior, everything was in the excellent standard. After four beautiful days in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, it was back full fresh energy into adventure time.

Hyatt Cartagena Fendaux

On the 25th, we went on the bus from Berlinastur tours from Cartagena to Santa Marta. For less than 50.000 pesos, they bring you there, and it is a 5 hours trip via Barranquilla. I can recommend this bus trip company, it is airconditioned, competent and they drive safely.



Restaurant Carmesi Cocina Fusión

In the evening we went to a charming Restaurant called Carmesi Cocina Fusión that just started recently with a new restaurant this year. The food and drinks were delicious; the service was excellent in this superb restaurant in the heart of Parque de Los Novios in Santa Martha. I can give them my compliments, and when you are in Santa Martha, you must try the food and cocktails there.

Carmesi Cocina Fusion Santa Marta Fendaux

The next day we went to another restaurant close by and at risotto. It was beautiful, but instead, I would advise going for dinner at the first restaurant Carmesi Cocina Fusion, and that’s what we did the next day, we went back for another menu and cocktail, and it was a great decision.

how is travelling in the Cartagena region

Isla Bella Cartagena

How is traveling in the Cartagena region? I can say Colombia is magnificent. My next blog will go about diving in Santa Martha, and my trip into Tayrona Parque and named in Spanish the Cuidad Perdido, this historical and holy place is a must-visit. The jungle hike to this place was magnificent.

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