Coming to the Island of Mallorca was a beautiful time

I will tell you my favourite beaches and places to visit. I stayed in El Arenal and this is the place where the most young Dutch people are staying in the summer, but after travelling the island I saw places what I would prefer more to stay, because El Arenal is in the evening party place all the way. My younger neece she booked the apartment and could not go any more, so I accepted the last minute adventure…

During the morning I went training in Dynamic Center Gym close to my appartement and then I jumped in the car and had a look on the beach of Pollenca. It is nice beach, has a good easy parking and next tot the parking there are good fish restaurants to have a nice lunch of diner during the day.

In the city of Palma itself is good going out and there are nice shops, during the summer months you can have a cloudy day for no beach, but keep in mind that then in the city of Palma more people will be spending a day in Palma and then parking the car is a really disaster.

In Port D’Alcudia there is a nice beach and it good area to visit with the family.

The next day I visited the other side of the island Occidental Cala Viñas, a nice hotel in a beautiful area with sandy beaches in the area. I like to drive around and visit the places around.

Mallorca the largest Balearic Island
Mallorca the largest Balearic Island

Cala Falco

A beautiful beach is Cala Falco (No 18417) a small lovely beach that you need to know to go there, so it’s nice to read these blogs, if you want to visit Mallorca and go to a nice – not touristic – beach. It is in the south west of Mallorca and the beach is clear and shallow. There are pine forrest and rocky outlets. The beach is circa 50 meter long and is sheltered from the wind so perfect if you have a boot.

Cala De Portals

And another nice beach is Cala De Portals. You first have to drive through a piece of nature area of pine trees to get there and that is why it is my favourite beach. (No 18421) It is a lovely beach, beautiful sand and you can eat and drink and the nature is astonishing. The water is chrystal clear. It is not easy to find, so there are more locals there than tourist and this gives it a relaxed atmosphere.

Mallorca is a lovely island where there is plenty to do, compared to Ibiza, the prices are more favourable and I find it a wonderful island to discover new things, eat good food and undertake things to travel and visit even in the winter. 

Mallorca the largest Balearic Island
Mallorca the largest Balearic Island
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