Fendaux Our Vodka Aruba

Our Vodka Aruba

Today we went tasting the new vodka in Aruba and I must say it was a nice experience.

Our/Vodka is a worldwide family of Vodkas made in so-called special distilleries at the local places.

The interesting about this vodka is that each city gives the vodka a unique character and expression and the sources are found locally. In Aruba, this is newly launched and hosted in the beautiful atmosphere by Renaissance Marina Hotel.

Where can you buy Our vodka Aruba ?Our vodka Aruba

They’re also the Infusion line of Our / Vodka with a taste of Citrus, Oak, Tea, Juniper, Bergamot.

Each city gives its unique taste, name, and character. These multiple awarded vodkas are unique to each city and they source the ingredients most locally and the best quality.

Recipe for the Strawberry Mojito

This is full from taste and I much say it is also lovely to make a strawberry mojito

A nice recipe for the strawberry mojito is to take :

  •  3 fresh strawberries,
  •  3 half cute pieces of green lemon,
  •  5 cl of strawberry syrup,
  •  a spoon of brown cane sugar,
  •  crushed ice,
  •  fresh mint leaves,
  •  Vodka with Strawberry taste

Start mixing the strawberries with the lemon and crush these together. The place the brown sugar in the glass and pour the mixed strawberries and lemon in together with the crushed ice. Take 5 cl of the syrup and then the vodka over the ice with the fresh mint leaves. Then it is ready to be tasted. You can change the strawberry also for blackberry if you want another taste.

Discover these new vodkas yourself!

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Fendaux Our/Vodka Aruba

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