The Elite Event London

The Elite Event London

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It was a unique event, and we will try to give some insight into the event from our experiences. There was so much to see and experience that this review will be too short of giving a full insight, never the less for sure it will be helpful to read and will inspire to visit the next event. Make sure not to miss this exclusive event and unique offers for visitors attending the event and sign on our newsletter.

The Elite Event London
The Elite Event London

We arrived on Saturday at the event, and we started with a tasting of To’ak chocolate. From this company, we had the invitation, so we left the Netherlands to visit High Wycombe, and it was worth the visit.

To’ak chocolate

To’ak was born in the rainforest conservation project in Ecuador, in the most storied cacao-growing region in the world. Cacao is native to Ecuador. The rare Ecuadorian cacao variety called “Nacional” traces its genetic lineage back at least 5,300 years. By the dawn of the 21st century, this famed variety was believed to be extinct.

The Elite Event London

The tasting of chocolate

We were introduced in the chocolate tasting by James le Compte the CEO of To’ak company. It was the first time in chocolate tasting in this kind of level, and it was a ‘mindful’ experience on a way that I never tasted chocolate before. The tasting goes; first, bring a piece of the chocolate to the nose and explore the aroma. Then put the piece in the mouth, avoid chewing and let it melt. Observe how the flavor evolves.

Moreover, it will unfold like a movie inside the mouth, with a cast of different characters. The chance of tasting this kind of chocolate was a unique experience, and it was impressive that every year the same tree produces a different taste of cacao, because of the influence and changes of the seasonal climate. It can be compared with wine tasting.

The taste of the cacao was fabulous. This chocolate is deeply flavored, and we never tasted this before.  We also had the experience to taste the oldest a rarest cacao variety on earth with the unique emphasis of barrel aging in French oak cognac casks.

The flavor of this kind of chocolate is unique, and it was an experience of how the different cognac tastes unfold in the chocolate.

The Elite Event London
The Elite Event London

Hand-painted embellished editions of Andrei Protsouk

Beautifully hand-embellished stretched canvases using pigments and resins that create impasto that makes them virtually indistinguishable

Kabisa shirts

Introducing the new ‘Kabisa’ shirts from Koy Clothing. Made entirely from the soft and unique African fabric, ‘Kikoy,’ hence the name ‘Kabisa,’ which means ‘completely’ in Swahili, the national language of Kenya. These shirts are perfect for adding some unique color to the summer adventures.

Classic hideaways

Living in the Caribbean was one of the most riches experiences in life, because of the people, the culture and the way of living that gives vision and reason to live. Classic hideaways are a collection of boutique Caribbean Hotels. All the hotels are exclusive; so they have the time to inquire about the family, health and all the things that are essential in life. The food is excellent, and the surroundings are relaxing. We will visit these hotels in the future, and we will write more about these experiences.

The Elite Event London
The Elite Event London
The Berkeley

Wine Art Friends

The Berkeley is a unique experience to enjoy and compare more than 32 different wines in a great exhibition of fascinating contemporary art. These beautiful paintings and pieces of art are inspiring in a friendly setting with wine tasting.

Our visit to The Elite London was an exciting event. These experiences include; supercar test drives, helicopter pleasure flights, complimentary beauty treatments, wine and chocolate tasting, unique art and much more.

Meeting interesting people and having nice experiences and exciting products is the reason to be there the next time.

The Elite Event London

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