Where is the best place to find seals in Cornwall?

Where is the best place to find seals in Cornwall?

It was a beautiful surprise to find and discover a colony of joyful Grey seals playfully on the beach and in the water.  Yesterday I went running along the coast of Gwithian and heading for the Godrevy lighthouse to make some Fotos of the sunset. In my Bergen, I had my Nikkon camera with an extra telelens.

Where is the best place to find seals in Cornwall? Where is the best place to find seals in Cornwall?

The National Trust Car Park was closed, so I went slightly more uphill, and there on the left-hand side is a car park. I parked the car and made my self ready for a nice run along the coast.

Where is the best place to find seals in Cornwall? After going up and downhill passing The Knavocks, you will see the Godrevy lighthouse. Heading more down, you will find pas Mutton cove on the right, and while I was looking down, I spotted a large colony of Grey Seals. It was a lovely day for a coastal run, and the view there is magnificent, but it was a pleasant surprise to discover this Grey seal colony. A bit further down, you can see signs about the seals, and there you will reach the cliff that looks down on the Mutton Cove and the seals.

seals in Godrevy seals in cornwall

I knew that animals are sensitive and so quietly observed the seals and made some beautiful photos and videos. It was magnificent tranquil, and you could hear the sound of the sea and the seals playing and hobbling along the beach.  I love their doe-eyes, and characterful whiskered faces, and especially the pups in light colors are so beautiful to see.

best place to find seals in cornwall

I did not regret that I had my camera with me with the telelens that evening. It can also be useful to take binoculars with you for a closer vision.

In Cornwall Grey Seals can be found all around the Cornish coastline, more than 30% of the grey seals in the world are here.

flowers in godrevy flowers in Godrevy

In the winter times, they have their pups, the pups stay with there mother for three weeks and then to go off on their one, they eat flatfish and eels. The puppies drink much of the fat mother milk to gain in strength. The Grey seals are in Amerika, the Atlantic, an all around the British coastline.

When can you see seals at Godrevy?   

You can find them the whole year at Mutton Cove in Godrevy and along the coastline of Cornwall.


What is the best time to see Grey seals? 

When it is low tide, the seals are in to have rest and to hobble around on the beach, have a sunbath, and they can be observed in the protected, sheltered bay from the cliff tops.

Where are the seals at Godrevy? You can find the seals at Mutton Cove at Godrevy in the West Cornwall. I made a map with the exact location with OS Maps to see the precise location of the Grey seals.

location of seals in Gwithian

When you finished observing the Greyseals you can in the evening have a stunning sunset over St Ives, it is a lovely moment for photography because of the spectrum of colors changes when the sunsets.

st ives

The seals can be seen during any season, but the coastal waters of Cornwall are full of sea life. There are dolphins and basking sharks, and if you love scuba diving, you can find sand sharks sleeping between rock formations in the waters of Falmouth.

when to charge your chrystal Gwithian

Nature and sea-life in the Gwithian area are amazing. If you go visiting, make sure that the dog is kept close for the wild donkeys and in the protected Wildlife area for the Grey seals.

pony gwithian  pony

The coastline of Gwithian is magnificent for surfing and hiking; it has a lovely beach. Please do not hesitate to receive our newsletter for all the new updates about travel and architecture.

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